PBN Setup


Optimising Your PBNs

Continuing on from the previous video watch as I get my articles back from ineedarticles and set up the blog including optimising each of the post to give me maximum relevancy for my PBNs. I discuss setting up RSS feeds, optimising your images and creating video sitemaps too.

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Non Expired Domain PBN Setup Part 1

In this video James is testing a new idea of setting up brand new websites in the style of PBN blogs. This will turn into a mini series in its own right but for now is best placed in the link building series. Watch as James goes through the entire process of creating a new domain and discusses all the best practices for optimising the site. James also discusses wp-quick-setup plugin.

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Non Expired Domain PBN Setup Part 2

James continues the setup of the blog from part 1 of this training.

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