Owing to the fact that skills learnt in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not technical in nature, there are no known qualifications for those seeking to sign up for a course in Search Engine Optimization.

This basically means that everyone with basic information on the use of a computer and the internet have equal opportunities to take the course without any requirement of prior academic and experience qualifications standing in their way.


Identifying experts in SEO training

Nobody likes to be trained by quacks, especially when it comes to important training subjects like SEO and that is why it is of utmost importance that those interested in SEO Training find the experts to do the training.

It is also necessary that trainees ensure that their potential trainers are well equipped for the course to ensure that they get the most out of the short time they will be together as SEO courses are relatively short.

At Ranking Rabbit, all of our training team have years of experience. In fact, collectively we have over 20 years of experience in ranking websites.


seo courseWhat does SEO Training entail?

SEO training has a broad spectrum of interesting topics which if well trained on can help the learner be able to massively push the boundaries on internet marketing and sales.

Some of the subjects that are expected to come up during SEO training sessions include the use of reverse engineering to bolster word search on search engines, SEO analysis, competitor spying to keep you on your toes and ways of using the standard SEO tools to remain on top of the search list.

Other lessons include, marketing on social media, live domain training, digital marketing steps of setting up achievable targets, page optimization and use of multimedia to send the right message to clients.

Where to get SEO training

There are three forms of SEO training that widely used cross the globe by those interested in the training.

First we have the classroom training. Similar to the ordinary high school or university education model, students sit in a classroom and receive instructions from an SEO trainer and study both the theory and practical aspects of SEO training.

Classroom training depending on the school selected, can be made up of a small number of students numbering 10 or else or can be made up of a large class consisting a larger number of trainees.

However, since not everyone has the time to go to class to learn, some trainers opt to take online courses, which in essence refers to a situation where an SEO trainer coordinates with his or her trainer via the internet for classes. This type of training is offered by many websites run by SEO experts.

The third option is self-training. There is a lot of information available on the internet which can be used to get basic information on SEO which is adequate for training. It however tricky when then it comes to the certification of the training.

Choosing the best SEO tools for SEO training

SEO training is about using the internet to pull more clients behind a certain product brand or a service and to do this, one needs to fully understand the available tools and learn how to fully manipulate them to turn the tide to his or her favour.

There are hundreds of SEO tools which when effected can turn around a business and help it grown stronger especially bin terms of online presence.

These tools that are important and should be included in SEO training include analytics packages, rank trackers, chrome extensions, path redirection, dropbox, use of browsers and spreadsheets and hidemyass, URL profiler and Deep Crawl.

Other training material that is also important to include are marketing on social media, Keyword search, SEMRush, link prospector, copywriting tools and the SEO Powersuite.

This is not an exhaustive list as there are hundreds of other tools that are available depending on the schools that offer training.



Consequences of not having SEO training

SEO training is no longer just necessary, it has got to be an integral part of a company’s training system since the internet has now become an important player in driving business accessibility and product sales.

Companies that ignore the need to train their Information Communication staff will realize in time – sometimes too late – that they have been sitting on a gold mine which they did not fully use to their advantage.

Furthermore, companies which ignore SEO will be surpassed by their competitors who will choose to us the internet to market themselves and their products and the consequences are huge.

That is why it is important that every company establish a social media or website platform from which it can be able to get in contact with clients and market their products and services. This is both cheap and effective.

Benefits of SEO training for companies

There is no doubt that the internet has over the past decade changed the manner in which things are done especially in the business world and it goes therefore without saying that investing in SEO training would be an important investment for any valuable business.

SEO training give companies an opportunity to fight for a piece of the pie that is the untapped huge number of on line clientele by ensuring that their names and products and services pop up in top of the first page every time someone types certain keywords into the internet search engine.

The benefits that come with SEO training for companies are massive and range from enhanced company visibility, improved product marketing and achievement of higher sales volumes which end up expanding the company’s profit margin at a lesser cost compared to the use of traditional media advertising tools like the television, radio and the newspaper.

To make SEO training a success, companies should fir do a study to understand the kind of information being sought by their clientele and then using the SEO tools to give them that content.